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Photo by Giulia Menicucci

Caterina Tioli is an Italian spatial designer and researcher currently based in the Netherlands.
After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven from the bachelor department of Public Private, she continued her studies with a master in Interior Architecture at The Royal Art Academy of The Hague.

Currently she works as research and project assistant at the Independent School for the City.
Her practice focuses on researching how spaces, such as public or private, influence the social sphere we live in.


2023        Italy: a New Collective Landscape
                ADI Museum, Milan 

2022        Rinse Off - Intergenerational Graduation Show DAE

                Salone del Mobile, Milan 

2020         Rinse Off - Bokeh by Mint - LDF

                 Mint Gallery, London

2020         Linea MaixeiTemporary Art Center

                 Vonderweg 1, Eindhoven

2020         Rinse Off Object Rotterdam

                 HAKA building, Rotterdam

2020         Rinse OffMunich Fabric Start 

                 MOC Munich Order Center

2019         Rinse OffGraduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven

                 Kanaaldijk-Zuid, Eindhoven

2019         Rinse OffCircular Materialists 

                 Kazerne, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2018         Reframing Textiles  

                Textile Museum Tilburg, The Netherlands 


2020-2022 The Royal Academy of The Hague, The Netherlands

                  MA Interior Architecture

2015-2019 Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands

                  BA Public Private

2017          Minor "Reframing Textiles"

                  collaboration with Textile Museum Tilburg 

2013-2014 Bard High School Early College Queens, New York City

                  exchange program

2010-2015 Liceo Artistico V. Cardarelli, Italy

                  art high school


2022-now Independent School for the City


2021-now TEDx Lerici

                 graphic designer

2020         Comitato 3 Ottobre

                 graphic designer

2018-2019 Marginal Studio

                 exhibition, graphic, research design

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