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Between the land
and the sea

A story about the cycle of time

"The construction of identity was not a question that could be solved in a short time; it required the passing of many sunsets, of many harvests, of many generations. Long periods that individuals, in their limited life cycle, could not perceive for what they were.

Today it is very different. We have lost the sense of the usefulness of life cycles, seasons and generations. We are aware that collective identity, built over long periods, no longer exists. It has changed connotation.

It doesn’t settle down in a static space where men bind to the same places for generations. Its construction takes place in very different ways, in terribly short times, compared to those of the past.

The identity built over long periods was expressed in the tangible forms of the artifacts with which men had made habitable a natural world, otherwise inhospitable. In the vision of one moment, we grasp the "identity" of a world whose construction has often lasted more than a thousand years."

Mariolina Besio, Genova, February 8th 2004

Between the land and the sea is a study focusing on the identity of a place, that has been established by the activities of men in a territory where sea and land meet.

Two ancient traditions, agriculture and fishing, that deeply connect the inhabitants not only with their territory, but also with the time and seasons of this place. 

Through looking at traditional tools and patterns, the outcome is a visual calendar that reveals the forgotten cycle of nature.

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