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“The more our taste is simple, the more it is universal; the most common repugnations fall on composite meals. Have you ever seen someone dislike water or bread? Here it is the trail of nature, here it is then also our rule. We keep of the boy his primitive taste as much as possible; its nourishment must be common and simple.” 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emilio

Encounters begins by focusing on the lifetimes of materials and the meaning that this brings. 

Drawing together, cotton, used for fabrics and defined as durable, with bread, meant for daily consumption, with a fleeting lifetime.

In this project bread is seen as a living thing: its processes just as linear and clear as our processes of living. It becomes alive in our hands, it grows between the lines of the textile, and it dies in the process of cooking. 

In this process of living,  bread and cotton come together and we as humans are invited to reunite around a table and eat from the same bowl, and from the same bread, slowly taking piece by piece out of the net.

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