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IN USE: scaffoldings 
A new approach on public spaces

This project aims to reconsider public spaces and rise up awareness on their new possibilities.

Looking back at history, public spaces are loosing the meaning of their original purpose. 
In the ancient greek times they were used as gathering point to create discussions and meeting within the habitants of cities. Today in this difficult times and with the rise of technology, we are getting detached from those spaces, avoiding and forgetting what it means to be outside surrounded by people.

The project researches new methods about re-experience public spaces, by using scaffoldings as mediums. Largely placed around the city, they are structural elements, whiten elementary construction process, which allows to easily design on them. They are temporarily used. Built by workers, placed between the public ground and the facade of private houses, seen by everyone.

“In use: scaffoldings” intervenes in this scenario, questioning a different use of them, in the time they are unused by the workers. It creates a platform to facilitate communication between the main character of scaffoldings: the worker - owner of the scaffolding -, the tenant - the owner of the house -, and the pedestrian. The aim is to create a network where citizens are aware of the possibilities in public spaces in order to generate and stimulate interactions and promulgate different approaches. The first one tested, an exchange of letters placed on the scaffolding to be picked up by everyone passing by. The idea is to set an open dialogue and collect opinions around the main topic of public spaces.


Temporality of Scaffoldings

Research videos

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