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Linea Maixei
Walking a story

Dry stone walls are an ancient human artefacts of hostile territories, which ease the arability of land. It is a long lost building tradition consisting in the constructions of stones bonded together by the soil, typically from the mountainous areas around the Mediterranean sea.

It is considered a counterbalanced relationship between man and nature, dry stone walls are in need of constant maintenance due to changed conditions of land use, they are in advanced state of abandonment and degra- dation.

It is especially visible in the Parco delle Cinque Terre, a locality in the north of Italy, which is distinguished by its steep mountains in contact with the sea, considered an ideal area for landscape manipulation.

Nowadays, the surrounding areas are populated by communities which experienced the change of the ter- ritory over time; witnessing how nature has reclaimed what man modified, an act of re-appropriation.

Linea Maixei is a research that reveals the hidden stories of a landscape from different perspectives, with the aim of preserving the land and its beautiful and peculiar characteristics.

The research focuses on the experience of one path through the eye and the knowledge of six different locals.

collaboration with Matteo Viviano

Linea Maixei

Final research publication

Video Interviews

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