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Rituals to Claim


What is needed to create a space of your own? A space you belong? The project Rituals to Claim recreates domestic rituals in public space in order to explore the answers to these questions. The aim is to develop toolkits that motivate different people in different ways to temporarily claim parts of public space. It’s not only about the process of occupation but also about changing the personal relationship to the respective space through ritualised uses. In this way, the public space becomes a playground for individuals and groups alike, who expand its spectrum of possibilities through reflection and communication. With our toolset, we invite people to stay and spend time on the Marineterrein and around its obstacles, have a cup of our free coffee and observe. The invitation contains a manual and a variety of options to claim the different areas. It differs from day to day and from person to person. It serves as an enabler for the temporary domestication of space and as a set to slow down the urban pace and support a moment of dwelling and retreat.

collaboration with Malte Sonnenschein


Research paper for the project Rituals to Claim

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